Hello --

I use ht://Dig to index a website that contains documentation for several
different versions of a software product. Currently, my search page
allows users to select a version of the software, then to search among
all books for that version, or a single book from that version. I use two
select fields for this purpose:

Version: <select name="exclude">
<option value="Version6_0|Version7_0|Version7_1|Version7_2">Version 7.5
<option value="Version6_0|Version7_0|Version7_1|Version7_5">Version 7.2
<option value="Version6_0|Version7_0|Version7_2|Version7_5">Version 7.1
<option value="Version6_0|Version7_1|Version7_2|Version7_5">Version 7
<option value="Version7_0|Version7_1|Version7_2|Version7_5">Version 6
Book: <select name="restrict">
<option value="">All
<option value="A">Book A
<option value="B">Book B
<option value="C">Book C
<option value="D">Book D
<option value="E">Book E
<option value="F">Book F

However: the set of books available is not exactly the same for each
version of software: one version might have books A, B, C, and D;
another might have B, C, D, and E, and one might have only D and F.

I'd like for the items available in the 'Book' select field  to be
populated based on the 'Version' chosen by the user, so it
only contains the books that are applicable to that version. Is there
a way to do this with JavaScript?

Thanks --


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