Andreas, thanks so much for your response; it seemed promising!
but I can't see the ^M when I view either my conf or my search.html
file. Though I do create both files on a Windows machine, I use
vi for the conf file, and I checked both files through vi on the Linux
box where I am running the search. Possibly the one you are seeing is
an artifact of the copy/paste I did for the e-mail?

Any additional suggestions on how to see that ^M or other fixes for
this problem?

Hi Kyle,

On Fri, Sep 14, 2007 at 03:32:17PM -0500, Kyle Dallaire wrote:
> version_names: "Version6_0|Version7_0|Version7_1|Version7_2" "Version
> 7.5" \^M
> "Version6_0|Version7_0|Version7_1|Version7_5" "Version
> 7.2" \
> "Version6_0|Version7_0|Version7_2|Version7_5" "Version
> 7.1" \
> "Version6_0|Version7_1|Version7_2|Version7_5" "Version 7"
> \
> "Version7_0|Version7_1|Version7_2|Version7_5" "Version 6"

Try it without the ^M after the \ in the first line :)

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