Tx for your quick answer.
We've already used that parameter but with no positive result.  We've installed an Apache Server (with authentication) replacing the SiteMinder WebAgent and then htDig starts indexing.

The SSL patch is needed because our entire site is in https.  I thought SSL could somehow influence htDig's behaviour on secured sites.


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> we're using SiteMinder policy server to protect our website.  SiteMinder
> uses Basic Authentication.  We've been doing some testing with htDig
> 3.1.6 and would like to implement it but it seems to have a problem with
> the authentication and indexing through this SiteMinder WebAgent.  The
> web servers are Apache v1.3.
> Does anyone have an idea what went wrong or what we should do to have
> htDig index our site ?

Well... what did you try?

http://www.htdig.org/attrs.html#authorization would be a start.

The output from "htdig -vvv -c yourconfigfile" would even be better.

> PS : we've also downloaded and installed the SSL patch but without a
> positive result.

This tends to have nothing to do with basic authentication. You'd only
need that if you're indexing https URLs.

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