My name is Rick Baker and work for artist named Jason Rhoades (see: www.davidzwirner.com or www.hauserwirth.com for some examples of his work).
I have an unusual request that I hope does not offend anyone on this list--if it does, I apologize.
Basically, one of my tasks for Jason is to compile the largest list of synonyms, slang words and/or euphemisms for "vagina" that I can come up with...at the present time I have around 3000 examples. This list was put together from websites, alternative dictionaries and requests posted on e-mail forums. We then take these words and create neon signs, which are used as one element in an ongoing series of installations in galleries here in the states and in Europe.
At this point, we thought that some kind of data mining software might exist that could scour the internet for synonyms in a way that normal search engines can't...and I came across you guys and htdig.
Is this something that might work for us? after reading about it here, it seemed like a possibility--but I don't have a computer with the requisite platform...we might in interested in paying someone as a consultant to run this search for us...
At the moment, we are putting together a website (kind of like: www.urbandictionary.com) that will allow us to send out a "general call" AND provide a one-stop repository for the words. but I want to try as many ways as possible to make sure I find everything possible.
Also, at the moment we are collecting only English words, but our intention is to eventually have a database, organized by language, of "vagina" words from all cultures. (see www.insultmonger.com for an example of someone doing something similar, but with a broader objective).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Rick Baker
Rhoades Studio