You say that works from the command line, but does work from the command line for PDF files?
"noindex" is not relevant in the case of PDF files, but the following might be:
    The PDF document contained no indexable text
    The PDF document was too large - see the max_doc_size: statement
Do also consult the FAQ at <>.
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From: Dominique Fourtune
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Subject: [htdig] "deleted no excerpts " with pdf files

Hello everybody, I need help

I'm using htdig 3.1.6, to parse html pages created by Apache mod-autoindex

I can't merge pdf files, I get always error message " Deleted no excerpts"

I'm using, it is OK for .doc files, but not for pdf files on command line parses pdf files and creates html files

I found this old post :

According to Paul COURBIS:
> When I run htmerge, I get a lot of messages :
> Deleted, no excerpt: xxx/http...
> What does it mean ? Why does htmerge suppress so many documents from the
> database ? As far as I understand english it seems that it means that
> there's no keyword for these pages, despite the fact that when I connect
> to it there's a lot of text...

The most common causes of this are:
 - a noindex directive somewhere in the document
 - the document was disallowed by robots.txt
 - the server_max_docs limit was reached before this document could be parsed

You'd need to correlate the htmerge -v output back to the htdig -v (or -vv)
output to see which of these conditions occurred.
I think the first reason is the good one (I have no robots), but I need help to go further : what is a noindex directive ?

Thanks a lot
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