#62 3.2.0b3 won't follow links

need info
htdig (103)

Start URL is a directory.
The webserver returns the index.htm file in that
directory. Htdig 3.2.0b3 indexes that file but just
stops instead of following the links and references in
that file.

But with version 3.1.5, there's no problem.


  • Gilles Detillieux

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    Well, it's not like 3.2.0b3 was released without any testing whatsoever. For most users, it does follow links,
    so this problem would seem to be unique to your site. Please try the latest 3.2.0b4 development snapshot
    and see if the problem is still there for you. If it is, please try to obtain more details about what's happening
    when it parses your index.htm (see FAQ 5.27). If you can't figure out the problem, please follow-up on this,
    and include your e-mail address. It's more than likely a configuration problem, so you may want to discuss
    this on the htdig-general mailing list. As a rule, anonymous bug reports are a very poor way to get people to
    help you with a problem.

  • Gilles Detillieux

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