#288 can't search for strings with underscores

need info
htdig (103)

The underscores are stripped from all searches with no way to escape them. This makes the search useless for developers.


  • Gilles Detillieux

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  • Gilles Detillieux

    The default attribute settings in htdig.conf treat underscores as punctuation. Have you tried setting the extra_word_characters attribute to include the underscore, and setting valid_punctuation NOT to include it, and then reindexing? See http://www.htdig.org/attrs.html#extra_word_characters and http://www.htdig.org/attrs.html#valid_punctuation for details on this. See also http://www.htdig.org/FAQ.html#q5.31, point 8, which explains the importance of setting both of these.

    If after setting both of these correctly and reindexing, you still can't get htdig and htsearch to treat the underscore like a letter in a word, please issue another comment on this bug report, showing your exact settings of these attributes. Many users have used these attributes successfully to do just what you're asking.

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