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We had htdig working fine before however I wanted to use the wrapper.html to incorporate the results within the web page.

I uncommented the wrapper.html in the conf file and it worked fine, when the database reindexed itself, it picks up the amount of results, however it doesn't display them where the $(HTSEARCH_RESULTS) is.

***conf file***

database_dir: /htdig/db

common_dir: /htdig/common

# specify the header/footer/wrapper files
search_results_header: ${common_dir}/header.html
search_results_footer: ${common_dir}/footer.html
search_results_wrapper: ${common_dir}/wrapper.html
nothing_found_file: ${common_dir}/nomatch.html

It was working ok a few days ago though, even after uncommenting the wrapper line


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    If it was working a few days ago, you'll need to backtrack to find out what has changed since the time it was working. The ht://Dig software hasn't changed in those few days, so it must be something else (which means it's not really an ht://Dig bug, right?). The tricky thing about the search_results_wrapper handling code is that if for any reason htsearch can't open the wrapper file, it will quietly fall back on the separate header and footer files instead. You need to figure out what's changed that's now preventing htsearch from opening your wrapper.html file. Did you change this file or move it (or the whole common directory) around? Is the file mode set so it's readable by anyone? If your system uses SELinux, is the context of the file set so that a CGI program can open it?

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