#275 ht://Dig drive, and folder flexability

Brian Hill

I was wondering if there can be individual Config files
(Still have a main config file like htdig.conf).

What my idea is to have in those individual config
files is where you can specify where you want the
htdig.conf to be without compiling source code. It
could cause htdig to be more flexable, and help the
people that might not have a C Drive, have no
permissions to use C Drive by their administrator, and
it might help people that have bigger hard drives that
is not on C Drive. Lots of people are not going to
restore their servers just to make C drive bigger just
to index more then their disk quota.

This is an example:

In htdigconfig.conf

htdig.conf: g:/myhtdig/search/conf/

In htsearchconfig.conf

htdig.conf: g:/myhtdig/search/conf/

In htmergeconfig.conf

htdig.conf: g:/myhtdig/search/conf/

In htfuzzyconfig.conf

htdig.conf: g:/myhtdig/search/conf/

That way it does not have to be C drive, and you will
not have to input all these options just to use a
different folder.


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