#264 Meta DC.Date ignored

htdig (103)

I am trying to get an index based on meta date
information, rather than modified time- the current
time is returned by the server.

I have looked through bug reports, and noone seems to
have actually resolved this problem.

Verbose output shows that the parser (HTML.cc) gets
'Matched 20' when it sees the meta tag, but does not do
anything with the date.

It appears that the bug causes htdig to not go into the
bit of code in HTML.cc from line 854.

use_doc_date is True
OS is Debian 2.6.8 kernel.
Build is from latest source (3.2.0b6)

The pages that I am trying to index contain Dublin Core
metadata (I have applied that typo patch where date is
spelt data).

What I have done so far is add some debugging lines in
order to find the problem. I'm not very familiar with
c++, so not really sure how to fix it...

I can send you debug output, and config files, just let
me know - I would rather not post to a website if
possible. Any questions etc: nic dot scott at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance.


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