#196 Configuration support for libhtdig


In order to achieve a full support of autotools, we
need to add the libhtdig files to it. I have
encountered two major problems with the Makefiles so
far that avoided me the use of the 'make dist' facility
for automatically building a gzipped tarball of the

1) the benchmark directory in the test files (we can
simply get rid of the entry 'benchmark' in
2) the 'filecopy.h' and 'filecopy.cc' files in the
htlib directory; by adding them to the htlib library as
usual, the 'make dist' works.

The filecopy.h file is indeed needed by the
EndingsDB.cc file in the htfuzzy component and if
automake is not properly informed about its presence,
the filecopy.h file will not be present in the final

However, all of the libhtdig directory and the related
Makefiles are not added to the final package because
automake knows nothing about them. We should therefore
add the directory to the main Makefile.am file and
follow the normal itinerary.

By doing this way, the ht://Dig package will be built
by just typing 'make dist'. Nice! :-)

I assigned this to Neal because I need your support. I
can do the work, but please inform me which files need
to go in the library. Once you have done this, please
assign the task to me.

Ciao ciao,


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