#184 _factors out of date

htsearch (60)

The search "_factor"s haven't been tuned to the new
database structure. I propose:

1) backlink_factor should be reduced from 1000 to 0.01
or so.
This makes its scores the same order of magnitude as
the other scores. This factor just measures how many
links of *any* type there are to the page --
description_factor is much more useful.

2) the code should be changed to use "1 +
multimatch_factor" instead of "multimatch_factor". Its
aim was to *increase* the weight given to documents
matching more than one "or" term. Currently, if it is
set to 0, those documents get *no* score from their
content (just from backlinks and date). All other
"_factor"s denote the additional weight to be given.

3) caps_factor and url_text_factor, which haven't yet
been implemented, should be removed from attrs.html
before release.


  • Lachlan Andrew

    Lachlan Andrew - 2003-11-07

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    Have set backlink_factor to 0.1, and fixed multimatch_factor.
    Task (3) remains.

  • Lachlan Andrew

    Lachlan Andrew - 2003-11-07
    • milestone: 344016 -->
    • status: open --> open-fixed

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