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Release candidate 1 for ht://Check 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of ht://Check is about to be launched. It contains several changes to the underlying code which boost the performances and improve maintenance. MySQL version 5.1 is now supported. Please try and compile the source code and report any bugs.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2009-08-27

Source code has been migrated to Subversion

Development of ht://Check version 2 will take place on Subversion. After 9 years, CVS has been abandoned in favour of a more powerful version control system.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2009-05-04

Release candidate 1 for htcheck 1.2.4

Hi guys,

I am calling you up for testing ht://Check 1.2.4. I have uploaded the
tarball with the sources on SourceForge. I have renamed the package to
1.2.4-rc1. Please give it a go and let me know if you have compilation
or runtime problems. Please, in this case, specify the OS, compiler,
MySQL version you are using. I remind you the main change is MySQL 5

If no major issues arise in a week's time I will release 1.2.4.... read more

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2006-07-04

Release 1.2.3

Dear ht://Check users,

I proudly announce the release of ht://Check 1.2.3, which introduces important new features regarding Web accessibility.

ht://Check is probably the first tool on the Web which makes possible to perform site-wide accessibility checks, in accordance with the principles of the University of Toronto's Open Accessibility Checks (OAC) project (

Of course, ht://Check can't be as accurate as page specific automatic tools like Bobby and Torquemada; these are still essentials for evaluating the degree of accessibility of a page. However ht://Check gives web designers and maintainers another way to repair accessibility barriers on a website.... read more

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2004-06-01

Release 1.2.2

Dear ht://Check users,

I proudly announce the release of ht://Check 1.2.2, which introduces minor bug fixes and new features, in particular document type recognition (not validation!) and storing, META description and keywords storing.

New structural changes, include full support of auto-tools (autoconf, automake and libtool) and sources compatibility with the automatic detection of standard C++ library headers (i.e. fstream instead of fstream.h).... read more

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2004-01-12

ht://Check 1.2.1 is out

ht://Check version 1.2.1 is finally out. New features include cookies preloading through an input file, storing of charsets, link descriptions (e.g.: how many links have a 'home' description for the link?), and tags inside a link (e.g.: how many button-like images do we have?). The PHP interface now automatically works when 'register_globals' is off (PHP version >= 4.1.0), and the layout is much lighter without most of the deprecated HTML tags.
Many bug fixes have been made, and now ht://Check compiles on several platforms, including Mac OS X.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2003-04-28

Mac OS X: compiled successfully!

Thanks to compile farm, I was able to configure and compile ht://Check on Mac OS X too, with some problems due to shared libraries.
I successfully build 'htcheck' program by running configure [other options] --enable-static --disable-shared .
I expect some of Mac OS X to try it and give me some feedback.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2003-02-01

Importing cookies

ht://Check now supports the pre-loading of cookies through an input text file, as specified by the 'cookies_input_file' attribute. This change, that will also affect ht://Dig's code, allows users to write down a text file exactly in the same format of Netscape. More information is in the documentation and in the distributed 'cookies.txt' file.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2003-02-01

Patch for 1.2.0 available

ht://Check 1.2.0 has a bug which leads to a segmentation fault. You need to patch it using the patch-1.2.0-01.tar.gz file. You'll find the information you need inside the archive.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2002-09-20

ht://Check 1.2.0 is out


the 1.2.0 release is out. Many many new things have been added to ht://Check. Among others: PHP code XSS safer, Content storing, Full Cookies support, HTTP Proxy authorization.

It's strong recommended to upgrade to this version.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2002-09-19

First stable release is out!

I am so happy and proud to announce that the very first stable release of ht://Check is now out. Version 1.1 is more robust and fast than the previous beta releases and you are strongly recommended to upgrade to this version.
For more information please give a look at the release notes.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2002-02-18

Patch for PHP page

I submitted a very small patch file regarding the PHP interface (showurl.php file). In order to patch the sources, just copy and unzip the file in the source directory and type: patch -p0 < [patch_file_name]

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2001-04-30


This new version is really important, because of the many bug fixes that have been solved, and also because now ht://Check lands on a new platform: Solaris.

Now htcheck and MySQL 3.23 work fine together (there is still a bug to solve, about OPTIMIZE TABLE syntax, which will be probably removed).

Anyway, for further info, see the release notes.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2001-04-28

htcheck-1.1.0b7-anaconda released!

Ciao amici! Here is the new release. Certainly more stable! Update it, c'mon!

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2001-03-28 is on!

Finally I got a first page for ht://Check.

Posted by Gabriele Bartolini 2000-07-12

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