DJB Fan - 2004-06-27

Hello all,

I read the comments of the HTB.init-0.8.5 and followed what it says.  I have a test box that directly connected to the Internet with a 2Mbit bandwidth thru eth0.  Now, I want to allocate certain amount of bandwidth to the rest of public IPs (hosts or subnets) I have that I want to connect them in my internal network which is basically connected to my eth1 of my shaper box.  I tested a simple HTB.init policies and just connect one box behind it.  Unfortunately, the result was not right because of my 2Mbit, I allocated 256Kbit burst 384Kbit to the workstation behind the shaper box but the connection was very slow.  I don't why it doesn't work right since I followed the comments of the script.

Can anyone from this list point me a much detailed documentation about HTB.init?  I'm not a network guru, all I want is to shape and control network traffic.  Or, can anyone give me examples of how to properly shape network traffic considering the following requirements:

[1] The total bandwidth given to the shaper box is only 2Mbit directly connected to the Internet.
[2] The rest of the public IPs I have, I want to give/allocate them into 4 subnets behind my shaper box.
[3] Of the 4 subnets, the first subnet will given 256Kbit burst 384Kbit, the second subnet will be given 128Kbit burst 256Kbit but is devided by ports 80, 25, 21, all, the third subnet will be given 256Kbit and the last subnet will be given all the remaining bandwidth.
[4] How can I shape VoIP in the fourth subnet?

Thanks in advance.