Case of an application which is not a DB


    Remi POUJEAUX - 2003-06-08

    I'm using HSQLDB and I'm finding it really great.
    The application is my company's price list. Therefore, it is not a generic DB application (and the users have no idea that a database engine is running in it and even what a database engine is).

    Some issues:
    For licensing, I'm stating in the "about" that the product includes HSQLDB and in the license file, there is a copy/paste of the standard text.
    -> is that enough ? I don't wan't to bother my customers with some stranges messages.

    Moreover, the application is in Japanese
    ->Would it be OK to have the "about" in Japanese ?

    To write the application, I've started from one of the tools as a skeleton
    -> Any issue for the license ?

    Thanks for your advice,


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    • Nobody/Anonymous

      No issues.  If you are in a .jp or other Japanese domain, putting the required text in Japanese makes the best sense, especially if the majority of your users are Japanese.


      Last edit: Fred Toussi 2014-03-06

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