DB Studio for HSQLDB

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas - 2005-03-22


    If you are interested in a graphical editor for HSQLDB, check out Awoma DB Studio, it's a free product:


    Actually, DB Studio comes prepackaged with HSQLDB. So when you install DB Studio, it will also install HSQLDB and configure it.

    I work for Awoma, so I am a bit partial, but I will appreciate your comments. We certainly love HSQLDB, and that's why we use it!

    • Anonymous - 2005-03-23


      I'll check it out.

    • Lieven Doclo

      Lieven Doclo - 2005-03-27

      Not bad, although I find it a bit on the large side (90+ Mb) compared to other database management tools like Aqua Data Studio

      • Nicolas

        Nicolas - 2005-03-27

        90Mb is  because it's package with Eclipse.

        As an Eclipse plugin, it's 17MB


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