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Dec 8 Jar

  • 1234

    1234 - 2009-12-08

    I have been continuing my testing using the Nov 29 jar.  I was closing in on an error. 

    Dec 8 came out.  Switched. 

    Now DBManager returns "unsupported internal operation: PersistentStoreCollectionSession", when started, with connection info passed.  Folder in opened program has the title "Error getting metadata:"

    Tried rebuilding DB, using java, & succeeded, but still get same error in DBManager.

  • Fred Toussi

    Fred Toussi - 2009-12-08

    Thanks, there was a defect in the jar. Has been fixed and new jar uploaded.

  • 1234

    1234 - 2009-12-10

    As you know there was a problem with the second jar as well.  I just worked on something else yesterday. 

    I am now on 2.0.  Couple of comments:
    - Is 1.9 dead?
    - The list of new features on the website is nice, but on the support page it would be good to know what features are still missing & what needs testing that was not in the prior RC or JAR.

  • Blaine Simpson

    Blaine Simpson - 2009-12-10

    See the file 'betaVersion.html' in your distribution

  • Fred Toussi

    Fred Toussi - 2009-12-10

    All the features of version 2.0 were in the last snapshot jar that worked. Recent work was basically bug-fixes.

    There won't be a release version of 1.9 as all its features are in 2.0. All the features in the web site list of features are working.


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