new integrity check

  • Blaine Simpson

    Blaine Simpson - 2005-04-03

    Excellent job on the new row-modification-check in RC9 Fred!  Obliterates what
    many people saw as a serious limitation of HSQLDB.

    • Fred Toussi

      Fred Toussi - 2005-04-03


      • Blaine Simpson

        Blaine Simpson - 2005-04-05

        I just read about SET WRITE_DELAY 0 for 1.8.0.  Wow.  With these two
        changes and READ_COMMITTED, it looks like we'll have 100% ACID
        (not that data can't be lost by disk crashes, etc., but with RAID strategies...).

        Campbell and Fred:  Do you agree with this assessment?

        • Fred Toussi

          Fred Toussi - 2005-04-05

          It means HSQLDB will support ACID properties in a wider range of scenarios. A single connection instance of HSQLDB is ACID already.


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