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[11e95e] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Add a CAN INIT macros to initialise complete message buffers

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Provide "txname" for ecu.tpl, to allow referencing messages by name
instead of id
- Provide "msgname" for sig.tpl, to allow referencing the message by name
- Make sure "start" for sig.tpl always contains a numerical value

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/ecu.tpl
- Reference messages by name

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/msg.tpl
- Use message name instead of id for the group name
- Add the INIT macro that calls all INITSIG macros for a message

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig.tpl
- Reference message by name
- Add INITSIG macro that uses SET to put the start value into a buffer
- Deprecate the SIG and SETUP macros, because SET/GET and INIT/INITSIG
perform better than the hsk_can_data_* functions

2014-04-04 05:14:53 Tree
[ac34d1] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Improve XML command line editor

changed scripts/xml.awk
- Add rename command to change tag names
- Add renameAttrib to change attribute names
- Add deleteAttrib to delete attributes
- Bail on encountering unknown commands

2014-03-27 21:14:41 Tree
[37177c] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Try to fix unordered lists

- Separate the labels from the lists to trick the markdown parser into
recognizing the lists

2013-12-05 10:23:22 Tree
[2a39bc] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Rename README to

removed README

2013-12-05 10:08:16 Tree
[0239f9] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Add a README so the SF repo browser has something to show

added README
- HSK ASCII logo
- A couple of links

2013-12-04 22:53:41 Tree
[a1d5eb] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Add license disclaimer for contributed documentation

changed LICENSE
- Just mention that stuff in contrib/ belongs to the respective owners

2013-12-03 23:02:39 Tree
[70d287] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Fix the Doxygen filtering rules for the Makefile

changed conf/doxygen.scripts
- Apparently matching plain file names in FILTER_PATTERNS does not work,
so rearrange the filters to apply the file2doxygen.awk filter by
default and just put in an exception for *.txt

2013-12-01 20:11:27 Tree
[70935a] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Pull the Makefile and into the scripts documentation

changed Makefile
- Add shebang
- Add Makefile and dependencies to the doc-scripts target

changed conf/doxygen.scripts
- Add input files
- Do not strip path, because Makefile and are not in the
scripts folder

changed scripts/doc/mainpage.txt
- Remove the claim that shell scripts are not yet documented

changed src/doc/mainpage.txt
- Add conf/doxygen.scripts to the list of files

- Add a short chunk of documentation

2013-12-01 16:02:17 Tree
[aac179] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Add a simple doxygen filter for unsupported scripting languages

added scripts/file2doxygen.awk
- Produces file documentation for unsupported languages
- The code is discarded

changed conf/doxygen.scripts
- Use the file2doxygen.awk filter to generate .sh documentation

changed scripts/
changed scripts/
changed scripts/
changed scripts/
- Add documentation

2013-12-01 13:26:12 Tree
[2db5c1] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Declare internal globals static and remove prefixes

changed src/doc/mainpage.txt
- Document the no prefix requirement for statics

changed src/hsk_adc/hsk_adc.c
changed src/hsk_boot/hsk_boot.c
changed src/hsk_can/hsk_can.c
changed src/hsk_ex/hsk_ex.c
changed src/hsk_flash/hsk_flash.c
changed src/hsk_icm7228/hsk_icm7228.c
changed src/hsk_pwc/hsk_pwc.c
changed src/hsk_pwm/hsk_pwm.c
changed src/hsk_ssc/hsk_ssc.c
changed src/hsk_timers/hsk_timer01.c
- Declare internal globals static
- Remove prefixes for statics, because they are considered private

2013-11-30 12:51:17 Tree
[a96e24] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Document AWK scripts and build dedicated doxygen documentation

added conf/doxygen.scripts
- Add doxygen configuration settings for building the scripts documentation

added scripts/awk2doxygen.awk
- Converts documented AWK scripts into something doxygen can read with its
C parser

added scripts/doc/mainpage.txt
- Sums up the contents and purpose of the scripts folder

changed .hgignore
- Add doc-scripts to the ignore list

changed Makefile
- Add targets for generating scripts documentation

changed scripts/cstrip.awk
changed scripts/depends.awk
changed scripts/filter.sugar.awk
changed scripts/includes.awk
changed scripts/links.awk
changed scripts/sanity.awk
- Add documentation

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Add some missing @return statements to the documentation

changed scripts/overlays.awk
- Add documentation
- Order ISRs and callbacks in order of appearance so all interpreters
produce identical output

changed scripts/xml.awk
- Add documentation
- Update indenting style for local variables to reflect dbc2c.awk

changed src/doc/mainpage.txt
- Remove descriptions for scripts

changed uVision/hsk_libs.uvproj
- List overlays in the order they appear in the code

2013-11-30 10:52:20 Tree
[123540] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Document Cygwin compatibility

added img/cygwin_PATH.png
added img/cygwin_cygwin-make.png
- Cygwin screenshots for the documentation

changed src/doc/examples
- Add using 1 to ISR callback

changed src/doc/mainpage.txt
- Add a Cygwin section to the make chapter

2013-11-19 23:12:15 Tree
[7c3bc3] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Print a table of available targets for cygwin users

changed cygwin-make.bat
- Pull the target table from the Makefile

2013-11-10 20:05:57 Tree
[5aa3f4] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Make the libraries cygwin ready

added cygwin-make.bat
- Make using cygwin

added cygwin-uVisionupdate.bat
- Update ?Vision files using cygwin

added scripts/links.awk
- Provides a list of C-files whose resulting objects should be linked

changed scripts/
- Invoke sanity.awk with CPP="${CC} -E"
- Use links.awk instead of includes.awk for linking

changed scripts/depends.awk
- Fix typo in comment

changed scripts/sanity.awk
- Do not pass -DSDCC to the cpp

2013-11-10 13:37:11 Tree
[84be02] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Fix usage of GCC 4.7 cpp for generation

changed LICENSE
- PHK is not the inventor of beer-ware, he wrote that particular
license text

changed Makefile
- Pass CPP to makefile generation instead of execution

changed scripts/
- Use "set -f" instead of setting -f in the shebang
- Fix passing include directories to awk
- Just like awk write a fixed cpp into the generated makefile

changed scripts/cstrip.awk
- Remove -nostdinc from cpp arguments, it breaks gcc47 cpp

changed scripts/
- Use "set -f" instead of setting -f in the shebang
- No need to escape glob patterns with -f

changed scripts/depends.awk
- Filter the dependencies by directories provided using -I or belonging
to directly provided files
- Remove occurrences of ../

changed scripts/
changed scripts/
- Use "set -f" instead of setting -f in the shebang

- Use "set -f" instead of setting -f in the shebang
- Unset MAKELEVEL to prevent GNU make from polluting "make printEnv" output
- No need to escape glob patterns with -f

2013-11-10 11:33:32 Tree
[9e7da2] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Remove formatting tags from documentation headings

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Doxygen does not parse formatting tags in headings, hence remove them

2013-11-09 14:29:28 Tree
[441656] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Document the template feature of scripts/dbc2c.awk

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Describe each template and which arguments are passed to it
- Define error() for handling error messages
- Define debug() for debugging messages
- Substitute all output to stderr with calls of error() and debug()
- Pass the delay and send fields to msg.tpl
- Pass the intel field to sig.tpl

2013-11-09 13:12:49 Tree
[1ad54a] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Pull indirect dependencies into object sources

added scripts/depends.awk
- Prints the list of all files, touched by CPP through cstrip.awk,
for a given file

changed scripts/
- Use scritps/depends.awk to pull in all dependencies for object targets,
this catches the cases where an object should be rebuilt because a
header included by a source file was changed

changed scripts/cstrip.awk
- Pass the -nostdinc flag to the CPP to avoid pollution of output with
system files

changed scripts/overlays.awk
- Get rid of obsolete path variable

2013-11-09 10:19:50 Tree
[981581] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Use make staging to avoid script calls while parsing

changed Makefile
- Instead of building, and for every call of make
stage the targets that require them (dbc, build, all)

- Call 'make dbc' now, because 'make printEnv' no longer implies it

2013-11-08 22:12:24 Tree
[c1d5b6] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Add support for getting signed signals from message buffers

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Follow updated endianess paradigm from previous commit
- Handle signed signals in GET_ macros

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig.tpl
- Use motorola instead of endian
- Prettier formatting for getbuf and setbuf (GET_ and SET_ macros)

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig_getbuf.tpl
changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig_setbuf.tpl
- Reformat for multiline output

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig_getbuf.tpl
- Add sign field to be able to handle signed signals

2013-11-08 21:47:29 Tree
[f00c1a] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Change the endianess signal paradigm

changed src/hsk_can/hsk_can.c
changed src/hsk_can/hsk_can.h
- Turn the endian flag into a boolean motorola flag
- Motorola positive logic was chosen to retain compatibility with the
old paradigm, that said intel is 0 (default)

2013-11-08 21:38:34 Tree
[22ca73] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Mark virtual targets .PHONY

changed Makefile
changed scripts/
changed scripts/
- Mark targets that do not create a file/dir as .PHONY so they are executed
even if a file/dir by that name came into existance

2013-11-06 22:57:43 Tree
[ff2f2b] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Remove bit fields and provide SET and GET macros for signals

added scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig_getbuf.tpl
added scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig_setbuf.tpl
- Get/set templates for a single byte

changed scripts/templates.dbc2c/sig.tpl
- Add getbuf and setbuf lines

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Create GET and SET macros
- Call the sig_getbuf and sig_setbuf templates once for each buffer
byte that needs to be accessed
- Provide the following information to the template:
- byte: The buffer byte to access
- align: The position of the bits in the buffer byte
- mask: A bit mask for the number of bits in that byte
- pos: The absolute bit position of the bits

changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
removed scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_intel.tpl
removed scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_member.tpl
removed scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_motorola.tpl
removed scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_reserved.tpl
- Remove non-portable, ill-defined bit fields in favour of the GET
and SET macros

2013-11-06 22:52:29 Tree
[1260d8] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Define bit fields for signals in messages

added scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_intel.tpl
added scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_member.tpl
added scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_motorola.tpl
added scripts/templates.dbc2c/bitmap_reserved.tpl
changed scripts/dbc2c.awk
- Define intel order and motorola order bit fields for signals in
- This change is already scheduled for removal, because ...
- The platform lacks a 64bit integer type
- Different endianess of SDCC and C51
- Bit fields are not well defined (alignment?)

2013-11-05 21:32:49 Tree
[5e0f84] by Dominic Fandrey Dominic Fandrey

Reformat hsk_filter to be more readable

changed src/hsk_filter/hsk_filter.h
- Reformat nesting and comments

changed src/hsk_io/hsk_io.h
- One line formatting change

2013-10-31 21:44:19 Tree
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