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OpenSnesim algorithm added!

OpenSnesim is a Open and Free python-based SNESIM (Single Normal Equation SIMulation) algorithm. It is released under BSD license.
Because of Python performance issues, this implementation is considered as proof-of-concept for research, testing and development.
It is recommended to run only 2D models using OpenSnesim. You can use it for 3D space and even for multifacial simulation, but it will costs much time and RAM to complete the simulation.... read more

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2010-08-09

HPGL 0.9.9 released!

Now HPGL use CLAPACK solvers instead of internal ones, which means
great performance boost on large scale linear equation solving problems.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2010-03-23

solved problems scripts for HPGL 0.9.7 added

with some new chapters and fixes for the old ones :)

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-12-25

HPGL 0.9.7 Xmass Edition released!

- cvariogram module introduced for sample variogram calculation

- CdfData class introduced for CDF definition in SGS algorithms

- ContProperty and IndProperty classes for properties introduced (instead of a Python tuple)

- boost::python deprecated & replaced by CTypes for C-bindings (Python version >= 2.5 supported)

- CovarianceModel class introduced as the generic covariance model for all algorithms ... read more

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-12-24

HPGL 0.9.6 released!

- Added sub module geo.routines
- Module geo refactored (many changes in algorithms interfaces)
- SGS LVM: algorithm changed, now LVM-means preserved correctly
- IK/SIS: Median-algorithms now used by default for 2 indicators properties
- SGS: bug fixed for cdf_data case
- Random path bug fixed (was wrong for small grids with 100 or less cells)
- Project compilation scheme changed
- Packages for Python 2.5 & 2.6 (Windows + Linux) now builds
- FORTRAN order in arrays now optional (arrays will be converted to
FORTRAN order automatically inside algorithms).
- New GSLIB files read/write and VPC calculation functions – very fast now.
- Sill > Nugget check added
- New and fixed old scripts in solved problems

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-09-09

solved problems 0.5 released!

all scripts are updated, fixed some bugs, 3 more chapter problems added.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-07-23

HPGL 0.9.5 released!

HPGL 0.9.5 - 22/05/2009

- Properties now are NumPy arrays compatible.

- GSLIB text files support added.

- Non-conditional simulation support added

- Almost all algorithms (except the Ordinary Kriging) now use Cholesky
decomposition solver, performance is improved up to 2 times.

- boost::python is now statically linked

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-05-26

new solved problems scripts

"4.3. Transfer of Uncertainty" scripts added to solved problems.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-05-21

HPGL 0.9.4: BSD license

HPGL 0.9.4 released!

- GsTL is no longer used.
- Switched BSD License.
- Nugget and anisotropy support added.
- New simulation algorithms structure.
- Modeling regions support for simulation.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-05-12

spatial bootstrap

Ok, we have it done :)

Bootstrap and Spatial bootstrap added (4.2) on solved problems (shared scripts are updated too!)

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-05-07

sources tarball

Added gzipped tarball with source code in Downloads section.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-05-05

hpgl web site!

ok, now we have out first web site!
you can check it out at


Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-04-21

solved problems

Package "solved problems" is a bundle of scripts for "Solved Problems in Geostatistics" book by Oy Leuangthong, K. Daniel Khan, Clayton V. Deutsch. Every archive file consist of Python script and dataset for solving problem from corresponding chapter.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-04-16

sample scripts v0.1

sample scripts ver. 0.1 added in downloads section (only examples of using algorithms for now)

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-04-16


boost::python .dll now included in win32 release package, downloads updated.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-04-16

User Manuals

Now we have user manuals in English & Russian languages. Check the download section!

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-04-15


Now we have English and Russian maillists for questions and discussions.

Posted by muharlyamov arthur 2009-04-15

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