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version 1.9 released

This version contains some new features (overtime per day, note per database, and a punch clock for creating records quickly). Since the database format has changed, you have to upgrade your databases when upgrading from 1.8.5 or earlier. For more information, read the UPGRADE file in the release.

Posted by Michael Schierl 2006-09-26

hrsh2csv 1.3 released

the command line converter for the Hours databases, hrsh2csv, has been extended with a few options to define the date and time format and also have bettern control over the conversion. further the loss of puctuation characters has been fixed thanks to Curtis Gedak.

Posted by geppetto 2003-05-03

hours v1.8.6 beta release

a beta version of the new release v1.8.6 has been released. note that it is realy just a beta, so do not forget to back up your data before trying this out.

the new version brings two new features:

- overtime per day instead of only per entry computation
- each database has now a note

Posted by geppetto 2003-02-24

hours gets active again

after a long time the work on hours will continue again.
the next features to be implemented are:

- each database will get a note associated with it
- the overtime will be (optionally) calculated on a 'per date' basis (not only 'per entry').
- while importing records from DateBk categories will be assigned the same category in hours (if available)
- cut/copy/paste of records between hours databases... read more

Posted by geppetto 2003-02-11

projects currently stopped

hi all hours lovers,
i'm sorry to tell you that i must stop the project for a while as i got very busy at school. however if there is someone who wants to help developing the application do not hesitate to let me know.

Posted by geppetto 2002-03-24

version 1.8.5 released

version v1.8.5 has been released with the following new features:
-exporting database records to memo application
-graph dialog for another view of a database
there has been a bugfix of the duplicating database function. the records categories and the billed information didn't remain. fixed.

Posted by geppetto 2002-03-13

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