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Hourglass 0.7.2 available on Gentoo Linux

As the subject says: I'm very proud to announce that Hourglass is available on Gentoo Linux, thanks to Alistair.
See http://hourglass.wiki.sourceforge.net/HOWTOs+for+Users for more details and installation instructions.

Posted by Eric L. 2009-01-10

Hourglass gets a new Download package for Unstable


I've just created a new package in the Download section called hourglass-unstable, to be found under https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=74405&package_id=305484

I'll use it to upload untested versions for the ones who want to be at the edge of the technology and help with early testing; or get quickly a fix without having to compile yourself.

The releases will be named after the revision number in SVN, so that you can grab the code using a command like (the version being 0.7.3.alpha.36):... read more

Posted by Eric L. 2009-01-08

Hourglass 0.7.2 Available + call for translation

The last one of a serie of 3 releases, with 2 big novelties:
the possibility to tweak Hourglass from the command line
as described at http://hourglass.wiki.sourceforge.net/HOWTOs+for+Users
the complete internationalization of Hourglass and a call for translation
under https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2798680&forum_id=254019

Enjoy, Eric

Posted by Eric L. 2009-01-04

Hourglass 0.7.1 Available

A new year release with little bugs closed and a new option to select the number of backup copies to keep and quite a lot of changes under the hood, cleaning up the Strings and Preferences handling, and creating a new preference for the number of backups to keep.

Binary release available at https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=74405&package_id=74734&release_id=650747

Source release available at https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=74405&package_id=76401&release_id=650750... read more

Posted by Eric L. 2009-01-01

Project code moved from CVS to SVN

Well, not much more to say than what's in the subject.

Just be aware that I didn't take the pain of migrating all the versions, but only the latest one (0.7.0, released yesterday). For this reason, the CVS access will remain for a little time, until I find out that nobody actually cares (including me, so it'll probably be until the next release).

I also definitely got read of the website and the docs modules, as everything is now kept "live" in the Wiki under http://hourglass.sf.net/... read more

Posted by Eric L. 2008-12-23

Hourglass 0.7.0 Available


this is a new release of Hourglass for a new maintainer of Hourglass.

Binaries, source code and release notes can be found in the usual Download section of SF.net.

Check our Wiki for more information: http://hourglass.wiki.sourceforge.net/


Posted by Eric L. 2008-12-22

New admin to revive Hourglass project


the subject says it all, the Hourglass project is back alive! Mike was kind enough to give me the keys of his project, thank to him for the good collaboration and this project as a whole.

Expect more to come soon; in the mean time, you can have a look at the newly setup Wiki http://hourglass.wiki.sourceforge.net/ where the Roadmap page should give some insights into my plans for the future.

Eager to hear from you,
Eric L.

Posted by Eric L. 2008-12-17

Hourglass 0.6.1 Available

Hourglass 0.6.0 is available for download in source and binary formats.

This release supports Java 1.4 again, and fixes a few bugs.

version 0.6.1 (05/01/2005):
* Fixed Java 1.4 compatability.
* Fixed reporitory locking error on startup.
* Allow alternative home directory (see INSTALL file)

Posted by Mike Grant 2005-05-02

Hourglass 0.6.0 Available

Hourglass 0.6.0 is available for download in source and binary formats. Beginning this release, Hourglass supports only Java 5.0 or higher. Here is the release information:

This release adds row and column tabulations in the time card, and
allows the user to edit historical times. There are some other bug
fixes and minor features.

version 0.6.0 (03/05/2003):
* Ported to Java 5.0
* Fixed bug that caused data loss when Chinese characters are used.
* Multiple instances of the app are now disallowed.
* Added row and column sums in the timecard.
* Ability to edit historical time entries.
* User can choose 12 vs 24 hour time format.

Posted by Mike Grant 2005-03-06

Hourglass 0.5.0 Available

Hourglass 0.5.0 is available for download in source and binary formats. Here is the release information:

The (long overdue) 0.5 release of hourglass includes a timecard report, autosaving, and some UI polish and bugfixes.

version 0.5.0 (11/08/2003):
* Added a timecard report.
* Added autosave options and "File/Save Now" menu item.
* Added "right-click to create child project" feature.
* Mouse over on a project shows total time and today's time.
* Fixed bug in saving when tmp and home are on different filesystems.

Posted by Mike Grant 2003-11-09

Hourglass 0.4.0 Available

Hourglass 0.4.0 is available for download in source and binary formats. Here is the release information:

This release features hierarchical projects, manual timezone override, and several bugfixes.

version 0.4.0 (04/22/2003):
* Added support for hierarchical projects.
* Added ability to override default time zone.
* Added tool tip support for projects.
* Fixed word-wrap bug in project editor.

Posted by Mike Grant 2003-04-23

Hourglass Repackaging Complete

The Hourglass repackaging is finished and appears not to have caused any problems. The new package is "net.sourceforge.hourglass.*" and is available in the CVS trunk only. The next official build to include the repackaged source will be 0.4.0. Report any bugs to the usual place: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=74405&atid=540902

Posted by Mike Grant 2003-03-21

Hourglass 0.3.1 Available

Hourglass 0.3.1 is available for download in source and binary formats. Here is the release information:

This is the first public release on SourceForge. In the next release, we will be repackaging to ``net.sourceforge.hourglass''.

# CVS Revision $Revision: $
# Last modified on $Date: 2003/03/09 04:32:33 $ by $Author: mgrant79 $

version 0.3.1 (03/08/2003):
* First iteration Swing UI complete
* First public release on SourceForge.net... read more

Posted by Mike Grant 2003-03-09

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