#8 Option to operate only on unread msgs

paul cannon

This patch adds a list to the inbox_props structure
pointing only at unread messages. The
"buildunreadlist" function is called to populate that
list with pointers into the full msg_props list. A few
#defines are added so that when HOTWAY_ONLY_NEW is
defined, all the user interface stuff in commands.c
operates on the unread list, instead of the full list.
Operations that need to work on the full list (like
freeing all memory) are still done in the appropriate

Essentially, this allows hotway to work (from a user's
perspective) as if it only saw the unread messages on
Hotmail. As long as HOTWAY_ONLY_NEW is left undefined
(still the default configuration with this patch),
there should be no change in the way hotway works.

I made this change for a contract job in the course of
which I designed a popen-wrapper to hotway in a
different language. My client wanted his software to
work only on new messages. I hope that this can be
included in the new upstreams, because it may be a
useful feature for others.



  • paul cannon

    paul cannon - 2002-10-26

    "Only New" patch

  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2003-04-29

    Logged In: YES

    thanks for that, this code should make it into the next release.

  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2003-04-29
    • labels: --> new functionality
    • assigned_to: nobody --> courierdave
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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