hotwayd (the hotmail POP-3 gateway daemon) v0.5.2 released

hotwayd is a POP-3 to HTTPMail gateway. HTTPMail is an undocumented WebDAV-based protocol used by Outlook[tm] to access and email accounts without having to go through the web interface. This gateway daemon allows *any* POP3 compliant email client to handle (download, delete, etc) messages from a or email account. It is made for POSIX-based operating systems.

Changes in this release include a new caching mechanism to speed up requests including STAT, LIST, RETR and TOP. Enhanced error checking, and numerous other compilation-based and run-time based error fixes including updating the status of the mailbox if changes occur via the web interface whilst being logged into the gateway daemon.

We've also launched a new-look web site and moved all of our content on to the sourceforge servers, meaning is now the official home of hotwayd.

David Smith,
21-Apr-2003, Melbourne, Australia.

Posted by David Smith 2003-04-21

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