Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta: WebDAV?

  • Shaddy Baddah

    Shaddy Baddah - 2006-11-06

    I've just received an email from Hotmail enticing me to try Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta. I've included the text below.

    The thing that stands out is that they seem to think I use Outlook Express. I assume they devined that from the fact that I am using hotwayd over the WebDAV interface.

    That they have targetted me for the email makes me suspicious that they might want me to migrate away from WebDAV. In fact, I've long held the view that if they blocked WebDAV access (new Hotmail accounts must pay subscription for this service, and one day, being a legacy user is not going to cut the mustard, surely?), I would cease using Hotmail altogether.

    Does anyone know for certain what the intent is here? Has anyone started using Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta? Does it still use WebDAV? Does it alter your hotmail account away from WebDAV access?

    Personally, I have no interest in using it, as they openly state that they are able to give it away free because it will display advertisements that will recover their costs. In the status quo, I avoid that completely.


    So, you're a Microsoft® Outlook® Express user, right? We'd like you to know about the next generation of desktop e-mail, called Windows LiveT Mail Desktop, and you can try out a beta version of it now, for free. (The "beta" part means this product hasn't officially been released yet.)

    Here's why you should care:

    You'll be able to read and manage your RSS and newsgroup content as easily as you get e- mail.

    Even when you're offline, you'll be able to sort and compose e-mail.You'll get 2 GB* of online storage with your Windows Live Mail account, which is enough for 1,000 high-resolution ( 2 MB) photos.

    And a bunch of other reasons, too. Read more here.

    Click here to accept the invite

    Also: if you try Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta you don't have to get rid of Outlook Express. And all your Outlook Express e-mail, folders, and contact information will come with you into the shiny new world of Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta.

    By the way, Windows Live Desktop Mail Beta is part of a whole new wave of online services, including Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Search and more. Windows Live will be the place where your online world comes together. Get a sneak preview of Windows Live products today at

    * 2GB = 2,000,000,000 bytes


    • R.J.V. Bertin

      R.J.V. Bertin - 2006-11-07

      I haven't yet seen such an "offer", but the fact that "if you try WLMDß you don't have to get rid of Outlook Express" seems to suggest that WebDAV won't be discontinued immediately.

    • alan2016

      alan2016 - 2006-11-07

      I got the same message.  I am a (paying) user of hotmail, hence avoiding the ads.  I use Outlook express which has some quirky features but basically works well.  I have long planned to move over to linux and use hotway, but have only set this up experimentally.  I remain locked into windows for other reasons and running both os's even dual boot on my laptop is not convenient.

      I doubt that Microsoft will do anything precipitate.  I have not tried this beta software and have little reason to do so.  However I do remember seeing somewhere that outlook express is seen by Microsoft as a product which won't necessarily be supported long term so maybe they will try to persuade users to move over at some time.


    • uncledonald

      uncledonald - 2008-04-22

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