Password Authentication

  • rei

    rei - 2005-05-03

    I could compile and install hotwayd without problems, but when trying to access a hotmail account I receive the message that the pop server (localhost in my case) rejected my password. If I try using a bogus username ( then the message is that the user is not known, as it should be.

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated.


    I am running a mac os 10.4

    • rei

      rei - 2005-05-04

      Well, now I'm really puzzled, am I the only one with this answer from hotmail or it really did stopping to provide this access... this is the response of a telnet

      Connected to localhost.
      Escape character is '^]'.
      +OK POP3 hotwayd v0.8.2 -> The POP3-HTTPMail Gateway. Server on Porron.local active.
      USER *******
      +OK Username validated, Password required
      PASS ******
      -ERR Hotmail said you must pay money to have WebDAV access

    • David Smith

      David Smith - 2005-05-06

      In this case there is nothing you can do. Since about the beginning of the year hotmail have started to charge for access to the WebDAV/HTTPMail gateway.

      You can try other products like gotmail which go through the web interface to get the mails.

    • Matt `da Wolf

      Matt `da Wolf - 2005-06-14

      I don't understand. 0.8.2 has been working fine. I just upgraded to 0.8.3 and I get this error


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