FAIL: hotwayd service_limit

  • Bricc

    Bricc - 2005-05-06

    Using version 0.8.2 and Evolution, hotsmtpd hangs when sending a message with recipients in the BCC: field, causing the following error:

    xinetd[2937]: FAIL: hotwayd service_limit from=

    Both the hotwayd & hotsmtpd processes hang and start chewing up massive amounts of CPU. 

    Each time you hit the send button in Evolution a new hotsmtpd process spawns and it to begins to chew up CPU.

    It seems to work fine without any entries in BCC:.

    Anyone else seen this?

    • David Smith

      David Smith - 2005-05-07

      Try the CVS version, it has a few fixes. One day I'll get around to packaging it up as 0.8.3... :-)


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