hotwayd is definitively dead

  • isn't it ?

    • ja Steed
      ja Steed

      Yes apparently so.  Worked so well too. 
      If you use Mozilla Thunderbird you can use the WebMail extension to download Hotmail.

      Two or more part download, WebMail extension then components for the web based mail you're using, Hotmail, Gmail, Aol etc.
      Good Luck.

    • Thanks, but I use hotwayd on my server, and not with an email client.
      I'm still using hotwayd, and it works well for me.

      • It works for me as well, but lately I've seen problems with hotwayd not deleting certain mail after it is served. These are usually those mails marked with a question mark by hotmail for not being in your address book. It's a huge pain because I end up with hundreds of copies of the same message. Any ideas how to prevent this?