sergejf - 2004-03-18


I'm working on interfacing our e-mail by phone application written in VoiceXML / Java to Hotwayd, which is rather simple considering that POP3 support is all we need. However, in the context of accessing e-mails during a telephone call, I'm finding the following real / potential issues:

- Speed : retrieving Hotmail messages through Hotwayd takes several seconds or minutes, far too long when you are on the phone. I'm thinking of using some form caching (pre-fetch) for the headers and then background retrieval for the e-mail bodies (pre-fetch during the call).

- Load : there could be dozens of simultaneous callers "online", all downloading their e-mails at the same time. Would Hotwayd handle such heavy load?

Another topic, much more worrying for the future, is the fact that HttpMail is based on WebDAV, an interface that is used by spammers (see the article\) - something that MSN cannot be enthusiastic about.

Hence I consider that there is a real risk that at some point in the future, MSN closes down WebDAV, effectively making Hotwayd useless.

The recent release of MSN Outlook Connector suggests that there is alternative ways of connecting to Hotmail. Has anyone found out what protocol Outlook Connector uses to access the content of Hotmail?

Any comment / feedback on the above would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!