#17 Login for Hotmail failing on 0.8.2


Hello, i think, that recently hotmail has updated it's pages, since
it seems it won't authenticate on any of my hotmail accounts. I
thought it was because of cyrus sasl, but i see now that it
behaves the same after i restored the old cyrus sasl.

More info:
Fedora Core 3 (hooked on RawHide (devel tree))
cyrus sasl 2.1.20-3 (from RawHide tree)
hotwayd 0.8.2
libxml 2.6.16-5 from devel tree

Any ideea on this one?



  • T. Adams

    T. Adams - 2005-01-16

    Logged In: YES

    Hotmail is slowly removing webdav/httpmail access. This is
    how hotwayd works. The only way to test if this is the
    problem, or others, is for you to (if you can) try outlook
    express in windows. That, or do a network capture of the
    talking and see if you get an error about not having
    httpmail access, or something like that.

    I have a similar setup to you and everything works, so I am
    not sure what is going on if it isn't this.


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