#54 [Feature request] Speed-up HotShots application load time


On my not slow computer Intel Core i3-2105 with 8Gb memory and SSD drive, current version loads about 8-10 seconds (from start to show icon in tray).

For example, libreoffice opens at 3 seconds, chromium browser - 2 seconds, ksnapshot - less than second.

So will be good to increase load time for hotshots app.

Maybe you can exclude loading editor, plugins and other parts at start, and loads in on-demand? For example, not every day I need editor, and in other days I ready to wait some seconds when it loads.

What do you think about slow load time problem and ways how we can improve load speed?

Maybe you can provide some debug mode in which I can detect which parts of application waste most of time when loading?


  • xbee

    xbee - 2014-01-30

    Can you try with splashscreen disabled ?
    But yes, I can delayed some widget creation and look to speed up launch time ...

  • Murz

    Murz - 2014-01-31

    Thanks that you do not ignore this problem (like many other developers) and will try to do something!! I want to help you with testing this in new versions.

    I already try disable splashscreen first, but it isn't help. So will be good if you can do something with this problem.

    As I think, you can load at start only app kernel, module "tray icon with menu" and modules that do grab screen.

    Main interface, editor and other modules - loads only when opening it windows.

    And maybe give to users available format selections for disable unecessary formats? For example, for me jpg an png are enough.

    Also functions like "scale snapshot", "rotate snapshot", "post effect" not so often used, but can waste time.

  • Murz

    Murz - 2014-01-31

    And where is Donate function for your project? ;)

  • xbee

    xbee - 2014-01-31

    I've plan to add it but it is not currently available. Thank you for asking that question :)
    For the loading time, I can try to speed up a bit the launch time but I think I will not break completly the application ...

    Last edit: xbee 2014-01-31
  • xbee

    xbee - 2014-02-02
    • summary: Speed-up HotShots applicaion load time --> [Feature request] Speed-up HotShots application load time
  • xbee

    xbee - 2014-02-08
    • Milestone: 2.0 --> 2.1
  • xbee

    xbee - 2014-02-11
    • status: open --> closed

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