#52 [Feature Request] Auto scroll a window and capture the entire page


Not sure whether it's feasible, but it would be nice if it can auto-scroll (both vertically and horizontally) a window and capture it entirely: it's quite often people like to screenshot an entire document (webpage, word doc, excel, etc.).


  • xbee

    xbee - 2014-01-18

    I'm not sure that this feature cannot be heavily application dependent ?

  • Rex

    Rex - 2014-01-20

    I have to tweak some pages to do screenshot from time to time and it's generally a few applications (for myself only): Web page (Opened by IE/Chrome) and some .Net win-form application. For Excel/Word, actually I used its own function to do a PDF file, but I do see some of my colleagues tried very hard to do a screentshot for an entire page over an excel file...

    I used to use PrimoPDF to print a webpage to a PDF file, which sometimes not that handy as an image file.

    I guess there might be a way to handle screenshot for a particular type of application, and I don't think it's necessary to be exhaustive - it would be ideal to have a demand-only plug-in (or something like that) to enable it for one type of application (win-form for instance), and upon requests, new plugin could be developed and added/downloaded.


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