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Getting better with new features

The year is coming to an end with the holiday season with us and hotels will be eager to have a better information system. Hotelmis comes to your rescue
A number of bugs have also been fixed and guests lists greatly enhanced.

New Features:

* New users/agents/hotel can signup for login accounts.
* Departmental Cash Detailed/Summary reports.
* Printing of Guest registration/reservation cards, guest bills and receipts.
* Sends mail to both guests and hotel for all reservations made online.
* Adding of hotel information. url,email,pin,vat, hotel facilities and even upload images.
* Hotel logo,banner and a photo gets displayed on the main page on a successful search giving it an identity
* Uploading of images script "Easy PHP Uploads" by By Graham Ellis

Posted by Kenyan Coder 2006-12-21

Saving session variables in mysql

Finally I have managed to save session variables in tables and it's time to give credit where it belongs.
Client side validation have also been included and currently being tested.
I give great appreciations to the following for their opensource scripts:

Posted by Kenyan Coder 2006-10-19

Hotel Booking & Reservation

With almost 50 percent done, hotelmis still in it's developing stage but reach in futures that are ready for use. It Assist hotel in getting guest details, booking and making reservation and prepartions of bills. It also helps in posting of hotel transaction like restaurant/laundry/bar etc bills. Go to and be the first to test it before it's first release.

Posted by Kenyan Coder 2006-07-28