RADIUSdesk now available!!

YFi Hotspot Manager Wiki

FreeRADIUS Book and Articles

Those beginners who would like to know more about FreeRADIUS can check out the following links:


Windows -> Configuration and setup

Ubuntu -> Configuration and setup

CentOS -> Configuration and setup

I would like to thank Mfawa Alfred Onen (Muffy) for his valued contribution on this.

CentOS 6 -> Configuration and setup

NAS Devices

User guide

Technical discussions



Developer's Corner


Wiki: AutomatedDbBackup
Wiki: Bugs
Wiki: BulkImport
Wiki: LogCleanup
Wiki: MonthEndCleanup
Wiki: Windows
Wiki: YFiExplainGoogleMaps
Wiki: YFiExplainSpecificProfiles
Wiki: YfiDevelopThirdParty
Wiki: YfiDevelopWebtop
Wiki: YfiTechAttributes
Wiki: YfiTechBeta6VM
Wiki: YfiTechCoovaLogin
Wiki: YfiTechDuplicateAccounting
Wiki: YfiTechDynamicClients
Wiki: YfiTechEAP
Wiki: YfiTechLDAP
Wiki: YfiTechMikrotikLogin
Wiki: YfiTechNginx
Wiki: YfiTechNoRealm
Wiki: YfiTechOpenPPTP
Wiki: YfiTechOpenVPN
Wiki: YfiTechPrimeNormal
Wiki: YfiTechSecurityCP
Wiki: YfiTechTelkom
Wiki: YifContribPaymentVoucher
Wiki: yfi_develop_Translations
Wiki: yfi_develop_intro
Wiki: yfi_explain_accounts
Wiki: yfi_explain_mac
Wiki: yfi_explain_overview
Wiki: yfi_explain_permanent_users
Wiki: yfi_explain_prepaid
Wiki: yfi_explain_profile
Wiki: yfi_explain_realm
Wiki: yfi_explain_voucher
Wiki: yfi_faq
Wiki: yfi_features
Wiki: yfi_roadmap
Wiki: yfi_setup_FreeRADIUS
Wiki: yfi_setup_cake
Wiki: yfi_setup_centos6
Wiki: yfi_setup_centos_FreeRADIUS
Wiki: yfi_setup_centos_cake
Wiki: yfi_setup_centos_cron
Wiki: yfi_setup_centos_pptpd
Wiki: yfi_setup_centos_yfi
Wiki: yfi_setup_cron
Wiki: yfi_setup_install_centos
Wiki: yfi_setup_nas_Mikrotik
Wiki: yfi_setup_nas_MikrotikDynamic
Wiki: yfi_setup_nas_PicoStation2
Wiki: yfi_setup_nas_coova
Wiki: yfi_setup_nas_coovaAP
Wiki: yfi_setup_nas_coovaAP_VPN
Wiki: yfi_setup_pptpd
Wiki: yfi_setup_yfi
Wiki: yfi_tech_vpn

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