First Release

GNU Hosting Helper has finally been released. This project offers easy management of web hosting clients and all of their various needs via administration and client consoles. It support a distributed network allowing for hosting to be on one machine or split up between dedicated servers for mail, dns, database, and web server.

Feature quick and easy account management thru a simple "fill in the blank" form to add new account managers and/or domains. Once all of the information is entered and submitted the software does all the necessary user creation and server daemon configurations for the new account including email, dns, and webserver daemons. Extensive security features including integrated firewall management and evaluation, file alteration supervision, tiered administrative access and more.

Also feature a very extensive client control panel with real time management of hosted domains including all your various email features such as accounts, forwards, aliases, auto responders, ect. Client can manage SSL certificates in real time, setup virtual ftp systems for their domains, manage their MySQL databases and tons more via a completely customizable client interface.

Track your customers account payment status and history, allow for online payments.

Offer online signup registration with real time credit card transactions thru integration options and real time domain registration thru OpenSRS/Tucows registrar integration.

Plus many other features for both the administrators and the clients.

Posted by Carl L. Thompson Jr. 2004-04-16

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