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  • classylady

    classylady - 2007-09-16

    When clicking the link "Configure Signup Page Layout" all that shows up on the page is "Error!". When looking at the httpd-error.log this is what it shows:

    [Sun Sep 16 13:22:44 2007] [error] [client] Invalid method in request RandomIV\\xa6\\xe2X\\x18Acm1\\x90\\ xc6\\x075u\\xb7\\xedl\\xcf/\\xca\\xa5:\\x97\\xa3\\xa9

    Does anyone understand this one... or can someone give me a clue on where to look to fix this one... Help please...

    thanks again

    FreeBSD 6.2, apache+mod_ssl-1.3.37+2.8.28, mysql 5.0.27, perl-5.8.8 and gnuhh 2.05

    • Carl L. Thompson Jr.


      Make sure your running the latest build or perl-Crypt-CBC.  It sounds like your running an older version of Crypt-CBC.  They made some big changes in the way that perl module works and it kinda torqued things.  I did my best to work in some backward compatibility for the older Crypt-CBC but as you can see it still has some kinks.  If you have the latest Crypt-CBC it should solve the issues.


    • the2ofusHER

      the2ofusHER - 2007-09-18

      Hi Redragon,

      When checking the modules.cgi file for all servers it show
      Crypt::CBC     Checking for Crypt::CBC, OK (version 2.22).

      When looking at the port for /usr/ports/security/p5-Crypt-CBC it is version 2.19.

      Then checking with they have version 2.22 so it looks like I am up to date there.. and other suggestions??

    • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

      Did you "add" the signup server first?  It would need that for the encryption salt, without the salt you would see that error.



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