Packages are "undefined"

  • jamecs

    jamecs - 2008-06-25


    the following problem occures on my installation. When I add a hosting package everything goes right. But when I click in "Package Management" on "Edit Package" and select my package all the values in the fields like Storage, Transfer etc. are "undefined". Same problem occures when I select the package under "Domain Management -> Add Domain" as soon I select my package all values are "undefined". I already checked the MySQL table, all values are correct....Can please somebody tell me what to do...


    Jan M.

    • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

      Hello Jan,

      Since your using FC 8 your seeing an issue caused by changes in the module.  As stated on IRC if you look for the lines with dataseek() in them and replace that with execute it should resolve your issues.

      ie: $query_output->dataseek();
      would end up


  • Tee

    Tee - 2010-08-12

    I am having the same "undefined" problem as Jan. Where exactly is the, I have tried here: /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/DBD/ but when I did a search for $query_output->dataseek(); there is nothing

    Seems everything else that I have tested is working fine so far. I am using CentOS 5.5

  • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

    I would recommend you try the fix of replacing $query_output->dataseek(); with $query_output->execute; in the code.  This was due to changes in the module.

  • Tee

    Tee - 2010-08-13

    Thanx Carl for the quick response. I delved into the files under /var/www/cgi-bin/admin/mods and could only find One (1) instance of $query_output->dataseek() and that was in the I changed that as per your recommendation, restarted my server but am still getting the same "undefined" problem. Did I bark in the wrong tree?

    Regards taimok

  • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

    You do not want to edit you want to edit alter any instances of $query_output->dataseek() that you find in the .pl files in your admin installation.  By default this is in /var/www/cgi-bin/admin/mods.

    I see,, all have references to the $query_output->dataseek call

  • Tee

    Tee - 2010-08-14

    OK, This is what I have done, I have gone into /var/www/cgi-bin/admin/mods and gone through the files. Did a search and replace with vim and in found 1 instance, in found 4 instances, and finally in found 1 instance. After the changes I rebooted but I am still getting the "undefined" thingy.


  • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

    At this point I would have to be logged into your administration to try and troubleshoot.  I can't duplicate what your seeing based on my information.


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