#1 clean install cannot create database


When doing clean install with latest version 1.39,
after setting up admin interface login, and entering
information, the admin interface bar on left does not
come up with DB nonexistent error.

There is a workaround when you go to
which will bring the database creation form and after
db is created, admin may log in correctly.

I think we should have a check on DB and if there is an
error (ie DB does not exist) that at least the DB
creation link exists in the menu.

I'm not gonna come up with patch for this because perl
is new to me but future bugs I'll try to include fix for.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    the workaround should read admin.cgi?do=....

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    not sure if it took my comment - I typoed, the workaround is

  • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Carl L. Thompson Jr.

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    There have been several fixes to the db creation utility and
    features that rely on the db having problems before the db
    is created. 1.42 shouldn't have any problems on a clean
    install as long as the user defined for access to the db
    doesn't exist and the db doesn't exist.


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