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HoldingNuts 0.0.5 released!

As promised here comes the bugfix release 0.0.5, which fixes a bunch of minor glitches: the display of the pot is now updated after each bet (detailed information about main-pot/side-pots as tooltip text), fixed players were able to muck cards in some situations (allin), new translations Russian and Italian.

This is very likely to be the last release out of the 0.0.x branch. We already made some progress on the 0.1.x version, which will bring a lot of new features you will love.... read more

Posted by Dominik D. Geyer 2009-06-26

HoldingNuts 0.0.4 released!

Although this is mainly a bugfix release, it also includes several minor improvements. Support for floating point amounts (cent-amounts), which caused much trouble, was removed. The rule for determining the correct order of players to remove when two or more players go broke in the same hand was implemented. There's now a command line option for specifying an alternative configuration directory, which allows running multiple instances of a client/server with independent configuration and log files. Furthermore, all messages to the table are now localized.

Posted by Dominik D. Geyer 2009-05-29

HoldingNuts 0.0.3 is out!

This is our 2nd release which comes with a bunch of new features and bugfixes, like centralized table view (rotates table so that the player is always in a central position), localized table messages, "It's your turn" reminder as message and sound, private (password protected) games, correct distribution of split-pot odd-chips and much more.

For a complete list of enhancements please have a look at ChangeLog.... read more

Posted by Dominik D. Geyer 2009-04-24

HoldingNuts 0.0.2 released!

The HoldingNuts team is proud to announce the first release of HoldingNuts 0.0.2.

This release includes a variety of features, such as a lobby/foyer where players can meet and chat, browse the gamelist, join and create own games. The table-view has an appealing user interface and includes a chat, too.

Although Mac OS X is not yet supported it is reported to work well with MacPorts.

So download a package for your operating system and start gambling :)... read more

Posted by Dominik D. Geyer 2009-03-27

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