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Dave Dyer
  • Dave Dyer

    Dave Dyer - 2012-04-11

    I'd like to be able to substitute other items as the visual representation for
    cell values. For example, there is "ColorKu" which uses 9 colors of spheres
    instead of numbers. Or possibly letters instead of numbers.

    Also, I'd like to be able to use other grids than the standard 9x9. For
    example the LA times is publishing sudoku puzzles based on a 6x6 grid where
    the subcells are 2x3. Obviously the basic concept works with any square size,
    from 2x2 to infinity. Imagine "super sudoku" with 4x4 cells and 16 possible

  • Bernhard Hobiger

    Grid size: Yes, the principles are the same, but the coding is not. When I
    started HoDoKu I had only 9x9 in mind, and although newer code is much more
    flexible there would be too much to change. That doesnt mean it will never
    happen, but not in the near future.

    Other items: Replacing digits with letters is only a small change, replacing
    everything with images is a lot of work (everything in HoDoKu is completely
    scalable; the images have to work in the grid as well as on Buttons - think of
    the Active Cell View; the images should still look good in any size, etc.). I
    wonder whether the outcome will be really worth the effort.



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