panzam - 2010-02-10


First of all congratulations for the hobbit-per-client! Very very good!

My MemReq test is showing the following results:

Memory Request Check (warning >= 90%,alert >= 95%).
red 6 Request failures, Last Failed size is 3128.
Free Space is 23.9M, AVG Free Space is 108.8K, Used Space is 656.1K, AVG Used Space is 2.9K.

I have two doubts:
1 - In dbcheck.ini how to define the thresolds for the memreq ? Memory Request Check (warning >= 90%,alert >= 95%).
2- I have 6 request failures but the graph shows me 0.0 , It's percentage measure or a integer value graph?the others values are printing ok.

Thanks in advance,