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maPPMas takes a break

Dear maPPMas Users,

currently maPPMas is taking a break. If and whether the maPPMas project will be continued is unknown.

thanks & have a nice time

By the way, feel free to have a look at my art work:

— — — —

Liebe maPPMas User,

zurzeit gönnt sich maPPMas sich eine Pause. Wann und ob das maPPMas Projekt fortgeführt wird ist offen.

Danke & viel Erfolg!

Ps: Mein Kunstschaffen:

Posted by Mashunemses 2011-10-11

Release bv0.71 – Bug corrected

Player data download bug of bv0.70 has been corrected.

Player data download test has been added:
-if a new bug occurs logfile will be created
-data will not be saved to prevent database problems
-warning message will be shown

Posted by Mashunemses 2011-05-22

Release maPPMas bv0.70

Hi, there

a new version of maPPMas is available.

you’ll get it here:

-Bug fixes that happened due to new PPM version.
-Some changes in design and user interaces
-Console window has been deactivated

Feedback will be appreciated!

Have a good time!

Posted by Mashunemses 2011-03-20

Release: maPPMas bv0.62

Dear Users, (Deutsche Version siehe unten)

after my absence due to military service I finally could fix maPPMas and you will now be able to download the new version.

I am really interested in how you are using maPPMas and if there functions you do not need or that you would like to have.

Feel free to tell them here as comment or at PPM (my user name: mashunemses)

Best regards

- - - --- -- --- -- --- - - -... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2010-09-21

Realease: maPPMas bv0.61

I am happy to announce that I found the data update bug and am able to release the corrected version now.

You will find maPPMas bv0.61 here:

Thank you for using maPPMas!

Kind regards

Posted by Mashunemses 2010-07-25

Release: maPPMas bv0.60

I am really happy to announce the release of maPPMas bv0.60. It may has only some small changes for existing users but one really big for all others.

maPPMas is new available for every PPM Hockey manager. Only some small functions are only available for proPack users.

Actually this version will also be some kind of waypoint for the futher development of maPPMas. If there will be really a lot users and also some advertising revenue or donations I will may add soccer as next.... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2010-06-27

maPPMas – Small but serious bug

Last days we experienced a small but serious bug at data update. Good news: I already have been able to fix it and the new version will follow until tomorrow for download.

The next version with more improvements will take its time as I am currently moving to a new flat and am a bit run out of time but nevertheless I took the time needed to get maPPMas running again.

I am also very happy to anounce that the actual version had already more than 580 downloads :)... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2010-04-04

Release: maPPMas bv0.55

maPPMas bv0.55 is out now!

Download maPPMas bv0.55 14/01/2010 (41 MB)

It has indeed a lot of improvements, check it out

Special Thanks to my preRelease testers that helped finding and correcting some small bugs. Thanks a lot!

All bug reports and suggestions are higly appreciated!

Have fun!

Posted by Mashunemses 2010-01-14

Open Beta of maPPMas

I am happy to announce that the open beta has started!

Please report all bugs, problems, suggestions at the support forum.

Have fun & enjoy Christmas!

Posted by Mashunemses 2009-12-20

maPPMas News December 2009

Currently maPPMas release is in preparation. As this will be coordinated with PPM it is taking some more days.

But indeed I can say today that it is working and I am using this additional time to fix as many bugs as possible. As now also some more testers are active and some bugs have been found that did not happen before. Thanks a lot for the help!

After maPPMas is free to download, my goal is to publish about all 1-2 months an updated version. Updates out of that schedule will only be made if there would be a bug that makes it impossible to use maPPMas.... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2009-12-07

maPPMas News November 2009

maPPMas comes closer to its release. Currently it is planned to release the beta version at December 2009.

Nearly all functions I wanted to have in the beta version are finished and most bugs corrected and I also added a screenshot of the Line up Assistant of maPPMas.

Posted by Mashunemses 2009-11-08

Release Goal of maPPMas

There are still about 50 tasks on my task list to be done. But nonetheless the release of maPPMas gets in sight. The actual closed Beta version is already nearly fully functional :)

The current goal is to have maPPMas ready for release at the start of Season 3 of hockey at PPM.

Project Webpage of maPPMas:

What? You don’t know PPM?
Check it out:

Posted by Mashunemses 2009-09-13

Project renamed: maPPMas

Due to the fact that the project comes closer to the release of it's beta version it has been renamed and is called from now on:


Please take care that you remember the name as the link to the project is about to change, too.

maPPMas is a powerfull offline assistant tool for the great PowerPlay Manager. It's officially approved by the developpers of PPM.

What? You don't know PPM?
Check it out:

Posted by Mashunemses 2009-08-04

The „Hoaras 1.5+“ project FAQ

Questioner: I just saw a new Hoaras screenshot on – what does that mean?
Mashunemses: I am just planning to relaunch the Hoaras project.

Q: Oh, really?
M: Yes, I am indeed. But don’t overestimate that statement as I am still testing some code snipes to improve Hoaras’ code completely to a higher standard. I.e. last it was too complicated to get the data of your team and the code was too complex, either.... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2006-10-15

Important information about Hoaras!

The Hoaras Project has been stopped!

Please note that due the update of HA at May 4th 2006, Hoaras is no longer useful as the player data could not be uploaded anymore.

The poject, that indeed counts more than 7'000 downloads (the last version alone more than 1'800), has been stopped due to the lost motivation and other priorities and time management.

I invested indeed a lot more than 1000 hours in that project during the past 1,75 years (about 300 hours alone for the development of Hoaras 1.40). Indeed I haven't been using Hoaras since March 2006 anymore, too.... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2006-05-06

Hoaras takes a break

The work on Hoaras has been stopped and won't be continued until further notice.

New language versions are the only exception, if you translate the GUI and/or the helpfile of Hoaras into a new language, just send it to and I will still create the new language files within some days.

Posted by Mashunemses 2006-03-27

Language Update

Thanks to the good work of three Hoaras users, Hoaras is now translated in the following languages:

German, English and French


GUI translated by Wazowski

GUI translated by mangeX
Help translated by mangeX

Portuguese - BR
GUI translated by Riccovet

You will find the new language files here:

Posted by Mashunemses 2006-03-12

Hoaras 1.40 – Release

Hoaras 1.40 – Release
After 5 Months of hard work it is now all done: Hoaras 1.40 is released!

Hoaras 1.40 is completely new programmed: new GUI, based on another GUI Builder, better scripts and data handling and new features.

That step had become unavoidable as it shined through that there is no way to develop Hoaras 1.31 further on. But by now the work is done and Hoaras 1.40 is ready for download.... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2006-02-12

Hoaras 1.35 -> More than 1000 downloads!

It occured that shortly before the release of the latest version we can indeed celebrate the fall of the border line of 1000 downloads of an hoaras version!

Let's celebrate and look forward to hoaras 1.40 that is comming soon!

Posted by Mashunemses 2006-01-27

News about Hoaras 1.40

The release of Hoaras 1.40 is planed for mid January 2006 as it is, due its huge changes, indeed not finished yet.

If you like to be always up to date about the development of Hoaras - The HockeyArenaAssistant please do not hesitate to subscribe yourself to the Hoaras-Newsletter, which is written in English and German.

The Hoaras Team wishs you merry Christmas and a happy New Year's Eve!

Posted by Mashunemses 2005-12-11

Hoaras 1.35 - Release

Most Important Changes:
- new player database, for updating former data please be advised to download player_data_update
- html scan updated to the new html-code of HA
- you can upload the player data now as *.htm or *.html as well as *.txt files

Line up Assistant is not available in Hoaras 1.35

As it is not possible to work further on with the actual GUI Builder, Hoaras 1.40 will be based on an other one, but as a mather of fact the whole GUI has to be redesigned.

Posted by Mashunemses 2005-11-05

Important Note!

As changed some parts of their code, Hoaras is at the moment not able to upload the playerdata anymore! The changes on won't be finished unless the new season starts, so we will prepare an update for that changes but it won't be released before the current changes of the code seems to be done. We belive, that that will be at the start of the new season.

Posted by Mashunemses 2005-10-22

Hoaras v1.31.05 Release - New Language: Czech

Hoaras v1.31.05 is out now!

Have a look at the download section! A file to update v1.30.04 is available there, too.

Changes to Hoaras v1.30.04:
--> Viewing Error at the "Player Details"-page is fixed
--> Little Error of the player statistics is fixed
--> The Browse window for uploading the .html files opens now
always the last selected folder for the player- and training-htmls
--> Little Changes at the "Player Details"- and "Youths"-page... read more

Posted by Mashunemses 2005-09-17

Hoaras v1.30.04 Release - Windows Exe Application

Hoaras v1.30.04 is released!

The windows version is now an exe - application.

For more information have a look at the Release Notes and ChangeLog at the download section.

Posted by Mashunemses 2005-09-10

Soon: Hoaras for windows as EXE - File

Like some people asked for:
Hoaras for windows will be soon available as EXE - File to provide an easy use as possible and makes it faster than ever!

By the way: The Hoaras-EXE version will bebased on the newest available versions of Python (2.4.1) and wxPython (

--> Also some other fixes will be implemented in the Hoaras-EXE version

More informations will be added as soon as the new Version of Hoaras is ready for release.

Posted by Mashunemses 2005-09-09