#33 InstallOptions Designer & Several Bugs


All of the following bugs relate to the IO designer

1. Placing a control (i.e. label, textbox) on a form
and then changing the state or almost any other option
related to that control will get you stuck in the
InstallOptions Control box. Getting back to designing
the form becomes almost impossible.
Fix. Detach InstallOptions Control from Main Window

2. Grabbing and dragging controls on a form become
dangerous the smaller the control. The reason is
because controls tend to resize even upon simply
clicking on them. This is a constant bug and tends to
offset alignments. This also affects big controls.
Fix. Alternative. Launch Windows magnifier for help in
grabbing control away from handles.

3. Copying and Pasting a set of controls would leave
you to believe the pasted copy should automatically
create greater index numbers. This is not the case. It
seems when you paste, the original floats up to the
front and shifts down to the right. It seems in other
words you paste to the back rather than on top of the
original control.
Fix. None. No option to shortcut Bring to front OR send
to back.

4. Snap to grid is inconsistent. You can take one
control and have it snapped where it belongs and yet
take another of the exact same specs and it will not
snap to the same spot OR align correctly. To test this,
just create several of the same controls and align them
in a consistent manner.
Fix. Maybe. I've noticed the greater the snap distance
the harder to see the mistakes. Yet, I design with 2 to
3 pixel snap and notice it almost constantly.

5. I've noticed this on rare occassions, a manual edit
to a controls size or placement will be either
overwritten automatically (un-aligning a control) or
the manual edits are simply ignored.
Fix. Unknown.


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