Where should HLIM go?

  • David W. Rankin Jr.

    Obviously, HLIM needs more than just me pushing matters, since my needs don't always match everyone else's. While this is also a Call for Developers, more importantly, this is a Call for Ideas. What do you need HLIM to be? What does it have now that's good? What does it need to be better?


    • Leif Sawyer

      Leif Sawyer - 2000-10-25

      Well, I haven't had a chance yet to download and play with it because I'm in the process of moving in to a new apartment.  But one of the first things that I'll be doing with it is inventorying all of my books before I turn them over to the second-hand store.
      Afterwards, I plan on inventorying my CD collection (about 1000 discs) and my DVD collection (about 150)

      Of course, if there isn't support for those, then I'll need to work some to get it in there.

      I don't know if the support is there, but for books, music, and videos, it might be nice to have a 'checkout' option, where you could 'check-out' the media to a friend, and it would stay there until it was checked 'back-in', ala a personal library.

      But the overall concept is very good, and I can't wait to give it a try.

      • David W. Rankin Jr.

        HLIM already has CD and Book support, and I'd be happy to add DVD support if someone would just provide a DVD-ROM player for my computer.... :) If you wish to add it yourself, base the code on addcd, and you might consider using the CD Index hash code if it does work correctly.

        As for checking out to borrowers, the database tables are there to support borrowers, as is a rudimentary level of support in check. Adding an "addborrower" script is the next step, and for the next few weeks is one that's left as an exercise to the reader.

        I'm finally back off of a much-needed vacation, so I'm hoping to go for 0.6 here in the next two weeks, and then on to 0.8.


        • Leif Sawyer

          Leif Sawyer - 2000-11-22

          Okay, i've got one for you.

          HLIM should support the linux cuecat driver
          (/dev/scanner/cuecat) as an option.  This would let it work across xterms and telnet sessions when you may not be logged into the physical console, but want to use the qc.

          Also, when using the qc in non-device mode (output is to the console) HLIM always returns an error after scanning any item.

          The following change in HLIM::Input::CueCat seems to let me scan in data..
          I tried 3 different books, and only one was found.  Don't know if that means it's working and the remote database isn't complete enough, although i'd imagine this is exactly what is happening.

          Thanks again for the software..
          sub decode {
                  # This function returns the translated code of the Cuecat output,
                  # with the payload split into seperate array items at spaces.
                  my $self = shift;
                  my $string = shift;
                  return undef unless defined $string;
                  return undef if $string eq "";
                  if (! (($string =~ m/^\e\[21./) || ($string =~ m/^.C3nZ/)) ) {
                          print STDERR "Cuecat::Input::Decode isn't a cuecat encoded string\n" if $DEBUG;
                          return HLIM::Input::decode($self, $string)
                  my ($dummy, $dummy, $type, $data) = split /[.]/, $string;
                  my $cleartype = $self->_base64XORdecode($type);
                  my $cleardata = $self->_base64XORdecode($data);
                  $cleartype = $codetable{$cleartype} if exists $codetable{$cleartype};
                  return undef unless (defined $cleartype && defined $cleardata);
                  $cleardata =~ s/[ \t\r\n]+/ /g;
                  return (1, $cleartype, split(" ", $cleardata));

          • David W. Rankin Jr.

            Sorry for the quiet everyone. I started working on the code to print out the barcode labels, and then The Real World(tm) started pounding me. I am going to get back into the barcode driver piece and have something worth releasing as a snapshot in December.

            I don't have a Linux box, so I can't test the CueCat device driver. That said, I'm more than willing to integrate good patches. :)

            As far as "the remote database", currently that is the US Library Of Congress card catalog, and yes it does have a habit of not having things in it. Alternate lookup modules would be greatly appreciated.

            I'll look at fixing the "eating the Alt-F10" problem in both the 0.3 branch and in the main branch. I'll probably revert that check back to an earlier version I had that wasn't dependant on the magic code.


    • Hans Persson

      Hans Persson - 2001-02-28

      I just found this and haven't had time to install it yet, but what I need is what already seems to be there:

      * reading a barcode and snarfing information from a suitable database. LOC is fine, but Amazon might be useful as well, as well as ISFDB (when it comes back up) and other national libraries (I already have some code to snarf info from the Swedish one).  Preferrably it should be possible to use more than one database at the same time and have the program normalize and merge the records from the different matches.

      * I like the idea of being able to check stuff out when it's loaned.

      * I need to add code for another barcode scanner.

      * I'd like to be able to add my own comments and extra information to records, without it going away when the information snarfed from the web is updated.


    • Emil Perhinschi

      Emil Perhinschi - 2002-03-13

      Well, I see no updates lately. Is HLIM dead?

      I just downloaded it, and I'll take a look.

      What I need is a program to manage a fairly large library, about 10000 volumes, that should comply with MARC, and have a local GUI interface.

      I'll come back,

      Emil Perhinschi

  • wayne rauen

    wayne rauen - 2011-04-15

    emilper  asked "Well, I see no updates lately. Is HLIM dead?". Since it is now April 2011 and there were no replies to his question, or anything else since his entry in March 2003, it seems it is dead.

    If anyone reads this and knows different let me know. hopefully before the next decade.

  • David W. Rankin Jr.

    HLIM is definitely dead. The world has changed a lot since I started working on it. CueCat is long gone. Dedicated barcode readers are obsolete: the cutting edge is now using optical recognition of barcodes using smartphone cameras and system webcams. I would look at a sqlite3 library with a GUI front-end now.

    At this point, HLIM should be seen as an example of what can be done, but I wouldn't use it as a foundation for a new product. 


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