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Source Files on Download Page

Added tarball of v3.1 source to the "View All Files" download page.

Added tarballs of the source in 'v4.0' and 'trunk' directories to the download page.

Posted by Nathan 2008-08-01

HLA stdlib v4.0 Branch Created

Branched off v4.0 of the HLA stdlib. Also renamed the "working" directory to "trunk" in order to match the SVN documentation and SVN common usage.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-06-04

patterns.hhf updated

Fixed the pat.onePat, pat.oneOrMorePat, pat.zeroOrOnePat, and pat.zeroOrMorePat macros (they were completely broken before).

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-05-15

HLA stdlib v3.1 posted

Finally finished the strings module documentation and posted several new str.catbuf* functions. This update becomes the stdlib v3.1 release.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-02-14

Filesys module updated

Documentation for the new filesys file/pathname string functions was added to the system and lots of little defects in those functions were corrected.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-02-06

Renamed many source files

Renamed a large number of the sourcefiles in the library so that the prefix of the filename matches the module to which it belongs. This helps reduce "namespace pollution" in the library file created when linking all the modules together into the library.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-01-30

Sevag's String Functions Added

Sevag's string functions were added to the source code base. I also took the liberty of breaking up the source files into individual function files and filled in a few missing routines. Still have to include the test files he wrote, write additional test files, and write the documentation for all the routines.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-01-30

Bits, Chars, Cset functions renamed

The functions in the Bits, Chars, and Cset modules have been renamed to following the new naming conventions (i.e., they have "bit_", "ch_", and "cs_" filename prefixes).

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-01-30

String functions renamed

The string functions were just renamed with a "str_" prefix. This is to make the library function naming more consistent and eliminate some problems having to do with two object modules in the library having the same name (a no-no for the linker).

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-01-30

Strings documentation is wrong

Quick note to everyone -- the strings module documentation describes stdlib v1.x, not v3.0. This will be updated at one point or another. In the meantime, verify all string function prototypes by looking at the include/strings.hhf header file.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-01-27

HLA v3.0 source now on-line

I've just uploaded the HLA v3.0 source code to the source forge repository. It's kept under Subversion source control. I recommend the Tortoise SVN client under Win32.

Posted by Randall Hyde 2008-01-16

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