#51 hjt check ples


ples to anlyz this thx

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  • Loucif Kharouni

    Loucif Kharouni - 2013-07-05
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  • needhjtcheck

    needhjtcheck - 2013-07-05

    Thankf very much for help. I deleted the entry from the hjt and the housecall found no threat and rootbutserr found nothing and rubotted found nothing. when i install rubott during instal it checked a box "run this at boot time." I unchecked it, i don't know if i need it to run all the teim? or is this ok to let it stay on for every boot?

    I feel much better with your help and thanks becaseu i have pc for more than one year and was concerned maybe something happening out of view.

  • Loucif Kharouni

    Loucif Kharouni - 2013-07-05

    you're welcome. You can keep rubotted running without any problem. it will let you know if you are part of a botnet or not (even thought this is not an antivirus program). Please, update your operating system everytime it is needed and all software you are using such as adobe, java, flash must be up-to-date. and the best way to get the updates is to go to the official website to avoid any malware issue.

  • Loucif Kharouni

    Loucif Kharouni - 2013-07-22

    case closed.

  • Loucif Kharouni

    Loucif Kharouni - 2013-07-22
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