Port to C# (In porgress)

  • William Cossey

    William Cossey - 2014-02-20

    Hey Loucif,

    I came across the source code for HiJackThis a few days ago.

    I noticed that there has been no changes to the code for about 9 months, are you still actively developing it?

    Since I came across the source I started porting it to C# (based on .NET framework 4), I must say things are progressing nicely at the moment (there's a lot to do).

    The code is (just about) an exact port of the original (a few minor changes here and there), so as to keep the detection identical (once completed I'll start fleshing it out and add additional functionality).

    The port I'm working on is based on a modular concept, this means that the detection libraries are written as Add-In's (.dll's), so anyone that has the Add-In development kit can write their own (either in C# or VB.NET), thus extending the applications life-cycle.

    The more the (developer) community contributes to Add-In's the more the community would benefit from HiJackThis.Net.

    Let me know your thoughts.


  • Mark van Tilburg

    I'm interested to see how this is going ahead. I was working on a port last year also but never got around to complete it. If you have something to test/share in the meantime i could help you with it.... Let me know if you need help!

    Last edit: Mark van Tilburg 2014-02-21
  • William Cossey

    William Cossey - 2014-02-22

    Hi Mark,

    I'd really appreciate your help, I'll send you something to test during next week, things are crazy at work here so my hands are a bit tied at the moment.

    As I said in the first message, I have only added routines for detection (almost identical to that of the original HJT app), nothing to fix/remove the issues/results as of yet.

    Also, if you dev in C#/VB.NET let me know and I'll pass along the files so that you can make your own Add-In(s), I have create a few visual studio templates to help you get started.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Darren Rose

    Darren Rose - 2014-03-17

    Hi William

    I would also be interested in testing your ported version, and playing about with the source code so I can try and make some add-ins for it - been using hijack this for year and it is a shame it hasn't been updated for so long now

  • Loucif Kharouni

    Loucif Kharouni - 2014-04-15

    Thanks guys for keeping this discussion up. Sorry my late reply, things have been hectic over here.

    Indeed, porting the code to something more stable and powerful than VB6 is a good idea, and I hope this will make more people interested and involved into this project.

  • Franck D.

    Franck D. - 2014-05-04

    Hi William

    I would also be interested in testing your ported version and help us with this adventure.
    I'm already on discuss with Loucif just since some month and I'm sure that we do somethings very well, so let me where we are and it's possible to have our already code for dont't loose time to do again on the old code. It's possible.
    Let me know if I help you and Best regards.

  • William Cossey

    William Cossey - 2015-03-22

    Hey everyone,

    Anyone still active here?

    My apologies for the lack of response for the last year, things have been crazy (life gets in the way of coding some times) and I had to put the port on hold.

    I have just picked up on where I left off (trying to figure out what I did all those months ago... lol), started doing some work with WPF (I was originally writing the port with WinForms), not a lot to change since mostly everything is modular.

    Since this is a somewhat spiritual successor of HiJackThis, the project I'm working on will be called "ReviveThis.Net" (was going to go with "ResurrectThis" but seemed too long winded).

    Have a look see ...
    Scan Results
    Add-In Manager

    There's still plenty to do but it going...

    If you would like to contribute or just have a look see at what's happening, feel free to message me directly, I'll be happy to exchange email addresses with you.

    I'll also be hosting the code on BitBucket, the project is hidden (for the moment) but will be opened for public viewing when it nears completion).


  • Mark van Tilburg

    Hi i'm still here. Just sended you a pm. Would be nice if we can kick this back into life as the missing 64Bit support is really bad.

  • William Cossey

    William Cossey - 2015-04-27

    Hi Mark,

    Just replied to your pm (with my email address).

    64Bit support is mostly implemented already, once I have added you to the repo you can have a look around.

    I'm busy implementing modular/plug-in based tooling (similar tools to that of the original project, i.e. Hosts file editor, etc), things are definitely moving forward.

    I have also spoken to Merijn (the original author of HJT), he's happy with with what's happening, he'll also be granted access to the repo shortly.

  • Darren Rose

    Darren Rose - 2015-10-12

    Just sent you a PM - definitetly interested in testing/helping get this updated - used to be a very handy tool


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