hivelock form based authentication question

Edgar Chan
  • Edgar Chan

    Edgar Chan - 2006-03-02

    Hi!! Im trying hivelock with Tapestry 4 .. the basic authentication mode works very nice but when i switch to form based authentication i get a null pointer exception while accessing the registry in the customRealm Class(based in the hivetrance hivelock example).

    is the form based authentication supported?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Edgar,

      as far as Hivelock is concerned, form authentication should work because it is not implemented directly by HiveLock!
      In the example provided by HiveMind Utilities, authentication is performed by SecurityFilter (which is not part of HiveLock itself).

      As a matter of fact, I have never tested the example with form-based authentication as provided by SecurityFilter. I will take a look at it to check if it works.

      Now, in a Tapestry context it is harder to say (I am not a Tapestry user, so I don't know how one would implement form authentication when using Tapestry, I don't even know if SecurityFilter is the right way to do it with Tapestry, for checking this point you should investigate on the Tapestry forums I believe).

      For the time being could you send me the exception trace (or the complete log file so I can see if something obvious occurred).
      I could maybe suggest that you take a look at SecurityFilter doc (and/or forums) to check how to implement form-based authentication with it, just to check you did not forget something (because form authenticationr equires more than just basic authentication).



    • Edgar Chan

      Edgar Chan - 2006-03-02

      I found the problem!!!

      I dig in some hivelock code and like you said has nothing to do with the selected authentication mode nither with security filter at all .. the problem was a configuration thing .. just as simple as mapping the j_security_check pattern to my tapestry servlet in the web.xml file! now it works like a charm :)

      Thanks for the reply Jean-Francois !! By the way hivemind utilities rocks!!


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