HiveBoard 0.6.0 released!

After a long time of heavy work, we are proud to announce the sixth release of the "HiveBoard" application on SourceForge. HiveBoard is a distributed shared whiteboard system.

In this version, the client application has been completely refactored to offer a more friendly look & feel to its users, as you can see by yourself in screenshots at

In addition to this, release 0.6.0 brings one essential security fix:

- In version 0.5.0, it was possible to login with any existing account but without any password! This bug is fixed in 0.6.0.

Please refer to the release notes for a more exhaustive list of changes.

HiveBoard highlights:

- Server running on Jakarta Tomcat 5 or Jetty 6, and using PostgreSQL 8.2, MySQL 5.0, HSQLDB 1.8 or Derby 10.2 database engines; a "stand-alone" server also exists that embeds the HiveBoard application within Jetty 6 and Derby database engine
- Communication transport based on http (ensures usability through firewalls)
- Secure access to authorized persons only
- Storage of whiteboards in DB (to allow meetings to be interrupted and resumed later)
- Rich graphical client application, easy to setup and use, running on Java JRE 5 or later, allowing free docking of views inside the main window (according to the user wishes)
- Account administration available in the rich client application
- Several graphical tools available: free-hand pen, eraser, oval, rectangle, text. Color, line thickness, font type and size can be changed
- Full-screen capability

HiveBoard web site:

The HiveBoard team

Posted by Jean-Francois Poilpret 2008-02-14

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