HiveBoard 0.5.0 released!

We are proud to announce the fifth release of the "HiveBoard" application on
SourceForge. HiveBoard is a distributed shared whiteboard system.

The main change in this version is the minimum requirement on Java 5, which has
allowed a major refactoring of the whole application for easier enhancements in
the future.

In addition to this, release 0.5.0 brings a bunch of bugs fixes, plus a few
enhancements and new features, mostly worth mentioning are:

- JMX support for the HiveBoard embedded server
- Boards have now a new "Token Setter" setting that offers 3 options:
initiator only (default, same as behavior in 0.4.0), initiator or current
writer (the current writer can give the write right to another present
participant), and finally initiator, current writer or system (same as
previous, except that the server will automatically sets the writer to the
first or last present participant). This option allows an effective use of a
white board even when the board initiator is not connected.

Moreover, the build system has been improved to ease testing (before release)
across all supported databases. This improvement will ease releasing more
frequently (a release cycle of 3 or 4 months is foreseen).

Please refer to the release notes for an exhaustive list of changes.

HiveBoard highlights:

- Server running on Jakarta Tomcat 5 or Jetty 6, and using PostgreSQL 8.2,
MySQL 5.0, HSQLDB 1.8 or Derby 10.2 database engines; a "stand-alone" server
also exists that embeds the HiveBoard application within Jetty 6 and Derby
database engine
- Communication transport based on http (ensures usability through firewalls)
- Secure access to authorized persons only
- Storage of whiteboards in DB (to allow meetings to be interrupted and
resumed later)
- Rich graphical client application, easy to setup and use, running on Java
JRE 5 or later, allowing free docking of views inside the main window
(according to the user wishes)
- Account administration available in the rich client application
- Several graphical tools available: free-hand pen, eraser, oval, rectangle,
text. Color, line thickness, font type and size can be changed
- Full-screen capability

HiveBoard web site:

The HiveBoard team

Posted by Jean-Francois Poilpret 2007-06-15

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